Fabarm Axis RS 12 Sporting Review

Fabarm Axis RS 12 Review

The name Fabarm is very well known to many shooters here in the UK, most of whom will associate the name with mid-range game guns and semi-autos from the 70s and 80s.

The Axis RS 12 Sporting is far removed from the guns previously made by Fabarm, this is a modern day over and under competition gun with impressive looks.

Fabarm have pitched the Axis RS 12 in a very competitive market with its RRP just below the basic offerings from Browning and Beretta, however it is worth a good look if you are in the market for a quality Sporter but don't wish to follow the crowd.

Fabarm Axis RS 12 Sporting

The first thing that you will notice is the Axis RS 12's styling, with its Tribore HP floating barrels and Exis HP extended chokes you could easily mistake it for a more expensive German gun. The action and barrels are finished in a non-reflective satin matt black finish which is durable but still retains a very smart appearance. The top rib is also a modern looking design with its slight ramp and a 10-8mm taper down to a white screw in foresight. The Fabarm Axis is available in 30" and 32" barrels which are proofed to 1630 bar with 3" chambers.

Stock design is a very attractive semi-Monte Carlo style which measures 38mm drop at comb and 51mm drop at heel with a 375mm length of pull (with the adjustable trigger set in the central position). This may be a slightly higher comb than most are used to, however, it is a popular and growing trend amongst Sporting shooters to have a slightly higher comb. The quality of the wood is very good for the price, with plenty of figuring and colour and an oil finish.

All of the above is packaged in a smart, high quality, ABS travel case which contains a choke case with three additional chokes, a choke key and a manual.

Gun Test

Weighing in at 8lb 4oz with 32" barrels the Fabarm Axis RS 12 Sporting feels very 'pointable' and it convincingly broke a wide range of Sporting targets at Park Lodge Shooting School.

The multi-chokes threw a decent pattern at both close and long range targets and it seemed to cope with fibre and plastic wads equally well. We used Hull Pro One and Comp X cartridges for our test and they both performed nicely in the Fabarm.

Recoil is a difficult thing to measure but it was in line with what you would expect for a gun of this size and weight.

The Fabarm Axis RS balances around an inch and a half in front of the hinge pin however it didn't feel too 'barrel heavy' and it handled surprisingly well for a gun in this price range.

Overall this is an ideal starter gun, offering excellent value for money.

Make Fabarm
Model Axis RS 12 Sporting
Gauge 12 Bore
Barrels 30" or 32"
Chokes Exis HP (x5)
Top Rib 10-8mm Tapered
Weight 8lb 4oz - 8lb 27oz
(3.65kg - 3.75kg)
Price £1,495
£1,755 (Adj. comb)
Browning, Beretta, Caesar Guerini, Krieghoff and Perazzi