Conotech Range TI 35 LRF for sale at Driven Sporting

Conotech Range TI 35 LRF 4 x Digital Thermal

The Range TI 35 LRF offers excellent thermal imaging with its 384x288 17 35mK NETD thermal sensor and smooth, high resolution viewing with its frost resistant 1024x768 HD OLED display and 50Hz frame rate.

The Range TI 35 LRF can even perform in conditions where temperature differences are minimal, such as during rain/snowfall, cold mornings, fog, etc.

Offers great optical capabilities with its 35mm objective lens, 10.88x max. magnification, and is capable of detecting distances of up to 1750m. Fitted with a built in (eyesafe) laser rangefinder capable of accurately measuring distances up to 1000m.

Features photo & video capture with its on-board recorder, with all data being saved directly to the units 32Gb internal memory and can be transmitted wirelessly with the dedicated App.
Type: Thermal
Magnification: 4 x Digital
Application: Spotter
Age: New
Ref: 6973416020198
Price: £1,999.00
Postage: £9.99 (per order)
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